Flavor of Denomination
Trevélez Ham

Family Tradition


Jamones Cardales, S.L. is a family-run business with almost 20 years of experience in the sector. Throughout this time, we have simply followed the wise advice of our parents.

They taught us to salt only hams with infiltrated fat, be they from sows or from castrated pigs; add only sea salt, in just the right amount; hang them in our 4000m2 natural drying room; open the windows by night and close them by day; rub pig’s lard into them and leave them a long, long time until they acquire the aroma and flavour to satisfy the most exquisite palates.

Jamones Cardales, s.l. is recognised with the ISO 9001 norm for quality management and norm 14001 for environmental awareness.

Philosophy of Company





The Air of Trevélez


Our firm, Jamones Cardales, S.L., cures its hams at an altitude of 1,700m (5,600 ft), at the foot of the Mulhacén Peak, within the boundaries of the Sierra Nevada Nature Park, right in the heart of granada’s Alpujarra region.



Our Hams fulfill the ISO certifications 9001, ISO 14000, Certified Quality of Andalusia, beside fulfilling all the requsitos to form a part of the Natural Products of the Nature reserve of Sierra Nevada.


La Alpujarra

C/Cardales, s/n
TREVÉLEZ (Granada)



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Off-the-bone Ham


2 years Natural Curing

Off-the-bone hams are served in different formats, according to the customer’s needs, and, of course, are only de-boned after 18 months.

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"Reserva" Ham


18 months Natural Curing

“Reserva” ham is the same type we use for de-boning. Sold after a minimum curing period of 18 months.

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"Trevélez I.G.P." Ham

Trevélez I.G.P.

20 months or 2 years Denominación especifica Ham

EU geographical food-name indication

The result of years of experience and tradition combined with present-day work methods, the application of state-of-the-art technology and the most up-to-date health norms. All of this gives us the Trevelez Ham, a quality product, low in salt content and saturated fats, and rich in vitamins. Produced following a minimum curing period of 20 months, guaranteed by the Regulating Council.

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Fabrication Process